Langlada: How to choose LED bedside wall lamp? What is the appropriate height?


***How to choose Langlada bedside wall lamp?

1. Pay attention to the quality of the lamp and lampshade, and also observe the light transmittance of the lamp, and the surface of the wall lamp should echo the style of the whole bedroom.

2. Pay attention to the brightness of the light. It is better to choose a light with a warm tone, and the bulb should have a protective cover, which can avoid some dangers.

3. Buy according to the size of the bedroom. Large rooms are more suitable for double-fire wall lamps, and small bedrooms are more suitable for single-fire wall lamps.

4. When purchasing a bedside wall lamp, the color of the lamp should preferably correspond to the color of the wall. Its shape should be coordinated with the entire bedroom.

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***What is the right height for the bedside Wall Lamps ? 

1. The height of the bedside wall lamp should not be too high. If it is too high, the concentrating effect will be poor and the lighting effect will be damaged. The installation height should not be too low to avoid collision with residents, and if the light is too strong, it will irritate the eyes and affect vision.

2. Usually, the standard height of the bedside wall lamp should be about 1.5-1.8m from the ground. If it is a wall-mounted wall lamp, it is better to be 10cm-40cm away from the wall. If the height of the bed is 45cm, plus the mattress, the height is about 90cm, then the height of the wall lamp will exceed 90cm, and it must be installed above the bedside table.

3. The height of the bedside wall lamp should be installed according to the actual situation.

Before installation, measure the height of the bed, the height of the bedside table, and install it according to the size of the occupant, and then determine the height of the wall lamp. For example: the height of the head of the bed is 0.9m, then the height of the wall lamp should be about 1.7m, so the installed wall lamp will be more coordinated and more in line with the needs of the human body.

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