How is LED lighting design so important in ceramic pottery hall?


Ceramic materials are mostly white, reflective of light, by the environmental color, light source color of the greater impact, in the face of a wide variety of pottery, a variety of styles of products, no matter how good the space design, display case modeling, if the lighting design is not perfect, the product will not be able to understand the effect of flexion. The following is Langlada's analysis of the main problems of lighting design in the ceramic exhibition hall.

1) Overall lighting of ceramic pottery exhibition hall

Basically, the ceramic exhibition hall is divided into two kinds: store display and simulation display. The two displays have different requirements on basic lighting, and the focus of lighting design should be to control the relationship between lighting and the environment.

Ceramic store exhibition hall: The overall lighting of the real field display is designed to highlight the comfortable and bright ringside atmosphere, give the space full illumination, and improve people's desire to buy. Under normal circumstances, most of the LED Ceiling Spotlights and decorative lights are used.

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Tips: Ceramic products have a strong reflective, for this purpose, the ceramic store showroom light is relatively dark, and the use of diffuse irradiation, reduce the impact of light on visitors, reduce glare, the use of soft lighting seems to be more comfortable.

Ceramic simulation exhibition hall: The simulation exhibition area can be made according to different styles of products to do hidden lights and wall modeling, under the basic lighting conditions, through LED tube lights, COB Track Lights, guide lights and other decorative lights to enhance the quality of products and the artistry of the exhibition space.

Most of the lighting in the exhibition hall is dominated by warm colors, and the light does not need to be too strong. Under the premise of satisfying the lighting conditions, an art space with relatively unified illumination and color temperature is created.

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2) Lamp's color temperature selection

Whatever lamps you choose, color temperature is an important factor to control the overall spatial effect of the display, and the correct choice of color temperature light source has extraordinary significance for the display of ceramic exhibits. Light source color temperature is different, light color is different. When the color temperature of the lamps in the ceramic exhibition hall is about 3500K, it creates a stable atmosphere and a warm feeling; The color temperature of about 4500K gives a refreshing feeling, and the color temperature of the white fluorescent lamp is close to the natural light during the day at 5600K.

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