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The lamps in the courtyard can embellish the city scenery and provide necessary lighting and life convenience. So what types of courtyard lamps are there?

1. What types of Langlada LED garden lights are there?

Since the development of Garden lights, different types have been derived according to the different use environments and design styles, which are divided into three categories: European garden lights, modern garden lights, and classical garden lights. 

European-style garden lights: Its design style mostly adopts some European-style artistic elements from European countries, and adds abstract expressions. Such as: crown garden lights.

Modern garden lamp: its design style mostly adopts modern artistic elements, and adopts a simple way of expression, such as: spring bud garden lamp.

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Classical garden lamp: Its design mostly uses Chinese classical elements, which are used and modified, such as palace lanterns.

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These three types of garden lights represent different styles, and are also derived from most manufacturers in order to cater to the design style of urban buildings.

2. The Precautions for garden lights

1) Pay attention to safety and prevent electric shock.

2) Identify the positive and negative poles. Apply thermal grease.

3) The dosage should be moderate (about 0.03 grams), and the coating should be uniform.

4) Be careful not to contaminate the surface of the lamp body, surrounding objects and human body with silicone grease. Fixing the lamp board Place the lamp boards coated with silicone grease on the bottom of the lamp housing one by one, so that the two screw holes of each lamp board are aligned with the corresponding fixing holes of the lamp housing. Fasten with M3X5 round head Phillips stainless steel screws.

5) The installation direction of the light board should be consistent and neatly arranged to avoid unevenness or gaps in the installation of reflectors.

6) Tighten the screws.

7) When pulling the rubber strip, the force should be even and moderate, and it should not be too violent to prevent it from breaking.

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