Langlada: the Maintenance method of LED track lamp


Today we will follow Langlada to learn the maintenance method of LED Track Lights 

When using led track lamp lighting, try not to switch frequently, because the lamp in the frequent start of the moment, the current through the filament is greater than the normal working current, so that the filament temperature rises sharply to accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, so as to minimize the switch of led track lamp.

LED COB Track lighting LED Magnetic Track Light

Langlada LED Track Light LA-LG804 

Recessed Downlight LED Ceiling Spot light

In cleaning and maintenance should pay attention not to change the structure of the lamp, also do not randomly replace some parts of the led track lamp inside the lamp, after the end of cleaning and maintenance, should be installed as is, do not leak installation, wrong installation of lamp parts; According to the light source parameters provided by the logo, timely replacement of the aging lamp tube, found that both ends of the lamp tube red, black or dark shadow, lamp jump does not light, should be replaced in time LED Track Lights tube, to prevent the occurrence of ballast burning and other unsafe phenomenon.

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