Langlada: How to choose the right stair light?


Follow Langlada to see what wall stair lamp we shall choose for our love house?

LED COB Track lighting LED Magnetic Track Light

1. Wall recessed stair light

If you want to add an element of surprise to your stair design, you can choose this Stair Light design, and it's probably the easiest.

When installing lamps, we should consider the height and interval. The light of different footlights is not the same, and the power is not the same. The specific height and spacing should be decided in the field test.

Recessed Downlight LED Ceiling Spot light

2. Under stair recessed light

This is now a very popular way of stair lighting, the LED lamp belt embedded under the stair stepping plate, see the light without complicated lamps, but also has a very eye-catching visual effect.

Used indoors, the ceiling of the stairs do not need to add chandeliers, Wall lamps;

If it is used around the outdoors, there is no need for special light distribution. When the LED lights go out, it hides, and when you turn it on at night or any time, it creates a stunning soft floating effect.

The construction and installation of this kind of lighting is not very difficult, the key is the accurate node and meticulous patient construction personnel.

Furniture Linear Light Cabinet Lamp

3. The hidden strip light under the banister

Compared with installing a light strip under each step of the staircase, installing a light strip for Lightings the handrail of the staircase is much easier and more economical.

In the club, villa indoor and outdoor, the space is not particularly large on the stairs to use this lighting method, both beautiful and warm. However, professional lighting designers also point out that this type of lighting is not suitable for public areas requiring high illumination. If the steps are very wide, additional lighting is needed to improve the safety of the road surface.

4. A light belt is installed in the dark slot to wash and brighten the wall

If there is still a gap between the stair steps and the wall, a light strip can also be installed to wash the wall and provide elevation lighting and indirect lighting of the space.

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