Langlada: LED Lighting design for master room


Today Langlada with you to step by step how to place LED Lighting in master room 

Comfortable light can relieve the tension and stress of working during the day for young people, so the priority should be given to the impact of lighting on people's mood and health, rather than focusing on the lighting and decorative effect itself.

LED COB Track lighting LED Magnetic Track Light

* Color temperature

The best type of Langlada LED Lightings for your bedroom is soft yellow light. Yellow light has a longer wavelength and has relatively less energy in it, so it's less irritating to the human eye.

It is suggested to choose simple shapes with rounded lines. In addition to reading lights, other lamps can be selected with translucent lampshades, so that the light naturally and gently diverges into the space.

Recessed Downlight LED Ceiling Spot light

* Auxiliary lamp

Because of different living habits, the bedroom can also increase some functional lighting to meet different needs, such as desk lamp, reading lamp, bedside lamp, Wall lamps, different lamps collocation, in addition to increase the brightness, but also to create a different space atmosphere in the narrow bedroom.

Furniture Linear Light Cabinet Lamp

* Lighting style

In the shape and color of the lamp, try to avoid complex shape and bright color, too complex shape will make people feel depressed, people often wake up at night to see the bright color is difficult to fall asleep again, so the lamp should be simple shape, gentle beige, yellow and other warm colors.

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