Langlada: How to design the lighting for elderly room?


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Home Lighting: What should be done with the lighting in the elderly room? 

The state of the lens of the eye is also different at different ages. With age, the lens becomes cloudier and contrast sensitivity becomes worse.

Because less light enters your eyes as you age, older people need more brightness for the same environment.

The elderly have different needs for Lighting. How should we configure and design the lighting in such a structure?

LED COB Track lighting LED Magnetic Track Light

***Strong light is the main, weak light is auxiliary

First of all, we suggest that the elderly room should be a sunny room, in order to increase the indoor sense of space; Secondly, because people get older, the eyes will inevitably have some pathological changes, so they mostly don't like direct light, so it is not recommended to use COB DownlightsLED Ceiling Spotlights such as easy to stimulate the retina of the lamp, the high brightness of the elderly room lighting how to do?

***Adjustable brightness

As mentioned above, the contrast sensitivity of the elderly is poor, and the recommended brightness is 2-3 times the brightness of the room of the young people. However, due to their poor eyesight, the strong brightness is easy to cause eye fatigue, so it is recommended to set the lamps or control panel with adjustable illumination, and make switches at the door and the bedside to facilitate the turning on and off of the lights.

Recessed Downlight LED Ceiling Spot light

***Special lamp for use

By refining the function of lamps, it is convenient for the elderly to choose appropriate lamps for lighting when they are engaged in different activities. This design is one of the more recommended ways to design the elderly room Lighting. It is generally recommended to install the main light, night light and reading light for the elderly room. These three kinds of lamps can be said to be the standard lighting for the elderly room.

Furniture Light Cabinet Lamp

***The color temperature is warm white

Warm light can give the elderly a quiet, warm feeling, more suitable for the elderly's physical and psychological needs. Of course, it is best for the elderly to provide reading lighting lamps with high color temperature (white), no flashing LED reading lamps, so as to avoid long-term reading damage to the elderly's vision.

Langlada Simply: the LED lighting of the elderly room should be done like this: the combination of strong light with adjustable brightness and local diffuse lighting; In order to avoid strong light on the elderly vision stimulation, indoor decoration should avoid the use of reflective materials; If the elderly have the habit of getting up at night, it is recommended to install the human body sensor lamp in the room, aisle and bathroom, which is convenient and does not affect sleep.

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